YuchGame is composed by some guys who loves coding and design game. We dream we can realize our life value by own hard working, and we can make a great game to show the people. But, we are small now and longed to grow, if you has some way, please don’t hesitate to tell us (yuchting@yuchs.com).

No.Zero employee in studio, full stack developer, he will process all things about tech, from front-end to back-end, from coding to Photoshop, enduring main pressure to survive from many many game dev studios in China.

NO.1 employee, response all mass working, design game, edit sheet data. He can keep doing one simple thing for long time, such as play though one game many many times. Pepper is his favor food, like other Hunan(China) guys.

Out of employee. From 3 years ago, there are 3 artists had helped us to finish the game, we cannot release Ancient Continent without their help, so we thanks them here.